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Community Heart & Soul is an ongoing practice that provides municipal officials with a clear understanding of what matters most to their constituents–all the residents–and forges a partnership that builds on the first thing everyone has in common: they all live here. It’s not a report that sits on a shelf; it’s a way of coming together to make your town a better place to live in and visit.

The project is a four-phase, step-by-step process that brings residents together to identify and honor the unique character of their town and the emotional connection of the people who live there.


You can volunteer to be a part of just one phase- or all of them! Use your passion and skills to lift this project.

Heart & Soul teams are formed to build awareness, interest, and commitment in all segments of the community.

Phase One: 

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Stories are gathered from residents, leading to the development of Heart & Soul Statements that identify what matters most and reflect what they love about their towns.

Phase Two: 

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Residents develop action plans to guide future town planning based on their Heart & Soul Statements.

Phase Three:

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Heart & Soul Statements are officially adopted by town and city councils, incorporated into comprehensive and other plans, and are used to guide future policies and decisions.

Phase Four: 

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H&S Phases
Community Endowment Fund

As we collect stories and ideas from the community, we also are fundraising for the community endowment fund. We're leveraging our relationships and fundraising to create a robust community endowment fund. 


Money raised is allocated for a very specific purpose that the community collectively decides on. That's right, you decide what happens with the money. 

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Learn our history and mission from Community Heart & Soul founder, Lyman Orton, proprietor of The Vermont Country Store.

Our Backstory

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