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Committees are truly the 'heart and soul' of this project. Since it is heavily resident-led, we want you to use your passions & skillset to create a program tailored for Salem City. From community events to collecting the stories of our community- your participation will help make Salem City Heart & Soul a success and provide the results that the residents. 

  • Manges and troubleshoots events with Project Coordinator

  • Manages volunteers and/or staffing for events

  • Assists the Project Coordinator in conducting a “new volunteer orientation”

  • Organizes refreshments, meeting room and equipment for Heart & Soul Team meetings and training workshops

  • Maintain social media updates; media campaign management and oversight (Facebook, Instagram)

  • Assists the Heart & Soul with messaging

  • Reaches out to local service, non-profit and civic organizations to educate the community about the Heart & Soul process and to keep them involved, excited, informed and educated on Heart & Soul activities and outcomes

Events & Outreach

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  • Collects interview sheets and ensures the proper identification is on each sheet

  • Calls and confirms appointments for 1-on-1 interviews

  • Follow up with fellow team members to ensure completion of interviews/storytelling sessions

Story Gathering

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Events Committee
Story Gathering
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  • Enter all data from 1-on-1 interviews or group storytelling events

  • Enters all demographic data for individuals and groups

  • Maintains a master list of themes and sub-themes to help facilitate data categorization and analysis

  • Strategizes with the Project Coordinator to create a Story Listening Strategy

  • Establishes and manages small group Story Listening schedules

  • Works with communications sub-team to share stories back with the community

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Data Management

Story Listening

Story Listening
Data Management
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